John is preparing to go on patrol in Ocean City.
Then he prays with his wife and gets on his cross bike
John with his cross bike on the boardwalk of the waterfront
It rains hard tonight, John protects his bike in an underground car park while waiting for a lull
The cross at night is visible from far away because it is equipped with blue led lights
John challenges the young students out tonight and talks easily with them. This is the "cross bike" effect. They are curious and amused.
John offer the students going out to party some excerpts from the Bible. His approach may seem proselytizing but in fact he warns them against the dangers of alcohol.
John riding his cross bike through the streets of ocean city.
Driving tonight is very dangerous due to wind and rain causing deviations on the road.
John : "When I bike with the cross, I want it to challenge people, to see the cross and to remember that Jesus is always there for them."
It may be surprising but young people always give John a great welcome.
John under the rain on the boardwalk
the merchants on the waterfront know John well and appreciate his action to help the young people.