Bil Malbon in front of his tiny weeding chapel
the steeple of the church is retractable which makes it possible to take the road without risk and in respect of Department of Transportation height restriction.
the chapel is ready to welcome the bride and groom and their families.
The steeple is mounted. The chairs are out because even though the chapel is air-conditioned, there are too many people to fit in the church.
It's time for the wedding rehearsal. The chapel has just arrived from Richmond in a beautiful winery in Fredericksburg, privatized by the bride and groom. The family has just arrived and is starting rehearsal.
"I really wanted people to feel like they walked inside an old-fashioned country church," Bil said. To give the chapel a rustic appearance, he used pine for the walls, oak for the floors and wrought iron for the liturgical banners. "
Bil : "couples can have an intimate, memorable marriage without getting into debt"
It's the big day of the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are with Pastor Bil on the small platform behind the church.