a drive in church volunteer offers "service" kits when parishioners arrive by car.
The kits contain reason juice, bread, the morning program and an instruction leaflet to adjust the car radios.
Reverend Rob gathers before the service begins, on the mezzanine overlooking the parking lot. The microphone suspended on the left allows the sermon to be broadcast live on 88.5 FM.
Members of the Christian Surfers come to follow the mass and communicate before going to surf the Floridian beaches.
The Bread is of unusual size to be clearly visible during the Holy supper.
The cross on the pediment did not come off after the last hurricane. It is a "Portate Cross" ( from the Latin "portare" meaning to carry). It is a reference to Jesus carrying his cross to Calvary.
Every Sunday, Pastor Rob speaks on the balcony of the Christian Drive Inn Church in front of a crowd of cars. The sermon is broadcast live on 88.5 FM bandwidth.
The choir sings under the microphones that broadcast the mass live on the FM band
Let us embark with this young couple on board a nice convertible to attend the second service on Sunday morning.
Under the car radio that spits on 88.5 FM the sermon of Pastor Rob, you guess small plastic white capsules filled with grape juice for Holy supper.
This parishioner is about to give her dog one of the little cups containing grape juice for communion. They are distributed on arrival in the parking lot of the Drive-In Church with the complete kit including the bread, an explanatory note to regulate your car radio on the station of the sermon and the program of the prayers of the day.
"What's really great about the Drive-In Church is that I can come with my dog Arlene and she loves the blood of Christ".
Volunteer parishioners pass between the cars to make the quest.